New AGC Podcast Episode on Lean Construction


In this episode, three “Lean” practitioners and advocates share their personal stories on how to increase Lean engagement on construction jobsites to reduce waste, improve workflow and add value for project stakeholders.  Hear Henry Nutt of Southland Industries, Keyan Zandy of Skiles Group, and Joe Donarumo of Linbeck explain their unique approach to getting earlier and more Lean buy-in from the “boots on the ground” leaders in the field (superintendents and last planners), rather setting Lean performance goals by using a top-down approach.  Discover how a “Builder’s Lean” model can produce immediate, positive change on your projects.



Henry Nutt III, Preconstruction/Business Development Manager at Southland Industries

Keyan Zandy, Chief Operating Officer at Skiles Group

Joe Donarumo, Senior Superintendent & Director of Lean Application at Linbeck Group, LLC  


Upcoming WebEd: COVID-19 and the Impact on Lean Construction Projects (June 17, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm) - Register HERE. 


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Links to COVID-19 Information:

Southland Industries “A3” Factsheet: “COVID-19 Response–Lean Mitigation, Best Practices that Can Keep Workers Safe and Productive” by Henry Nutt III, Andy Rhodes & Natasha Schnaitman (last updated May 11, 2020, V1.0)

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