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Construction Data

Construction is a major contributor to the U.S. economy. The industry has more than 650,000 employers with over 6 million employees and creates nearly $1 trillion worth of structures each year. Construction is one of the largest customers for manufacturing, mining and a variety of services. A study performed for AGC by Professor Stephen Fuller of George Mason University found that an extra $1 billion in nonresidential construction spending adds about $3.4 billion to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), about $1.1 billion to personal earnings, and creates or sustains 28,500 jobs:

  • 9,700 jobs direct construction jobs located in the state of investment;
  • 4,600 jobs indirect jobs from supplying construction materials and services, mainly within the state where the investment occurs, but some from other states;
  • 14,300 jobs induced when workers and owners in construction and supplier businesses spend their additional wages and profits, locally and nationwide. AGC of America provides economic information about the construction industry through:
  • The Data DIGest, a weekly one-page summary of economic news relevant to construction
  • State fact sheets covering historical and current information on construction spending and employment in each state
  • Press releases and tables covering national, state and metro-level construction employment, spending, prices and special surveys

PowerPoints, webinars and in-person presentations. Contact Chief Economist Ken Simonson for schedule.

The Key Role of Construction in Each State's Economy

AGC has compiled on the role of the construction in the economy and employment in the United States, each state and major metro areas. Click on a state to see fact sheet for it.


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