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The people I've met through AGC have helped me both personally and professionally. Every contractor needs those resources and those relationships. If you want to be successful, well then, you need AGC.

Phyllis Harden

Legislative & Special Projects, Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel
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Industry Priorities


Support Tax Policies that Promote Business Investment, Development, and Expansion

AGC supports lowering the federal tax burden on individuals, construction companies, and other business as a means of promoting investment, business development, and business expansion. The tax code should strengthen the economy and provide businesses relief from burdensome and confusing tax rules and regulations. A strong economy is also critical to industry growth and job creation, which is why efforts to simplify and streamline the tax code must be found. Businesses and individual consumers face layers of taxes under the current system that are prohibitive as well as confusing.


Industry Priorities: 
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