AGC Emerging Contractors Education Series


For small contractors just starting out, the school of hard knocks is a tough instructor. Let AGC Members help you overcome the challenges all small emerging businesses face with this 12-part video series focused on helping your business thrive and grow. Hear directly from contractors that have already paved the road to success.

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Module 1: Company Organization

Moderator: Dave Little, Chief Business Development Office, Gallegos Corporation          

Speakers: Tory Gregory, President of Hunter Electric and Kyle Smith, President of Capital Industries

About this Module: Hear from general contractors in leadership roles who have helped upscale their businesses over the last 20 year. Learning objectives from this module include:

• Identify you company’s management structure and the “why” for growth

• Define the basic elements of construction management leadership and what is required to upscale

• Explain leadership and motivation approach

• Describe examples of good leadership

Module 2: Effective Leadership

Speaker: Henry Nutt, III, Preconstruction Executive, Southland Industries

About this Module: Learn the most important skills needed to effectively lead your company. The key takeaways of the module include:

• Establishing a productive working environment for all employees

• Resolving conflict

• Understanding psychological safety, and how to promote and sustain it

Module 3: Insurance and Bonding

Moderator: Teresa Martin, Executive Vice President/Producer - Lockton Companies, LLC

Speakers: W. Milton Smith, CRIS, CIC, Senior Vice President - McGriff, Seibels & Williams and Paul Messenger, President - American Global of Texas LLC

About this Module: Insurance and Surety Bonding are critical to the success of emerging contractors. Learn why both are vital in protecting you, your employees, and your business. Key takeaways include:

• Learn the difference between insurance and surety bonds

• Realize the risks of different project types/delivery methods

• Understand the basic insurance needed to protect your business

• Learn the different types of surety bonds common in construction and when/to whom you will be required to provide bonds

• Understand the underwriting process for both your insurance and surety bonds

Module 4: Business Development

Speakers: Nora Degnan, MBA, MS, LEED AP, GACP, Vice President / Business Development​, Thorne Associates, INC.​ and Blaine Beckman, MBA, ​President / Business Development,​ F.A. Nunnelly General Contractor​

About this Module: Learn the most important elements of Business Development when you are trying to expand your business from a seasoned general and specialty contractor. The key takeaways of the module include:

• The importance of business and strategic planning

• Networking

• Go or no-go process to securing work

• Business development and being accountable

• Securing the work

• Relationships

Module 5: Contracts

Moderator: Brian Perlberg, Senior Counsel, Contracts & Construction Law, AGC of America

Speakers: Kristen Wendler, Partner, Farhang & Mecoff and Steve Shapiro, Partner, Holland & Knight

About this Module: Gain an understanding of the essentials of construction contracts, including the basics of industry-standard contracts and the most important provisions to negotiate.  Learn how to avoid contract killer clauses as well as how to preserve your rights should you need to make claim or file a lien. Key takeaways include:

• Basic legal terms in construction contract documents.

• Project delivery methods

• Scope of the work, payment, and price escalation

• Claims, notices, and change orders

• Indemnity

• Force Majeure

• No damages for delay

• Pay-if-paid vs. pay-when-paid

• Differing site conditions

• Consequential damages and liquidated damages

• Warranties

Module 6: Workplace Legal Compliance

Speakers: Melissa Bailey, Shareholder, Ogletree Deakins and Robert (Bob) Roginson, Shareholder, Ogletree Deakins

About this Module: An introduction to key labor, employment, and safety laws that govern construction employers and related issues that commonly arise in construction workplaces.

After attending this module, participants will be able to:

• Distinguish between open-shop and union contracting, and explain basic principles of construction-industry labor relations

• Describe key labor, employment, and safety laws that affect construction employers

• Identify which key labor, employment, and safety laws apply to their own company;

• Identify available AGC reference materials for further information on such laws

• Identify when circumstances dictate the need to consult an attorney

Module 7: Financials and Cash Flow​

Speakers: David Allison, CPA, CCIFP, Cheif Administrative Officer, Crossland Construction Company and Tony Stagliano, CPA, CCIFP​, National Director of A/E/C Services, CBIZ/Mayer Hoffman McCann, P.C.

Module 8: Bidding and Estimating

Speaker: Daniel Beatty, Senior Director of Estimating, Alberici Constructors, Inc.

About this Module: To be successful in construction, a contractor must become skilled at estimating and bidding.  Learn important skills needed to estimate, bid and win work. The key takeaways of the module include:

• Factors to consider in the decision to bid

• Procurement Types

• Planning and setting up a Complete Estimate

• Components of an Estimate

• Quantifying and Creating an Estimate

• Turning an Estimate into a Bid

• Post Bid Follow up

Module 9: Executive Management

Speaker: Mark Federle, PhD, P.E., F.ASCE, NAC, Professor Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Marquette University, College of Engineering

About this Module: Covers important elements to make you a strategic leader. Topics include:

• Importance of productivity

• Tracking the estimate against project costs

• Conflict resolution techniques

Module 10: Scheduling

Speaker: Mark Rounds, P.E., CM-Lean, Assistant Professor, Civil & Architectural Engineering & Construction Management, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)

About this Module: Covers the fundamentals and importance of the schedule. Topics include:

• What are the differences between planning and scheduling

• The importance of planning and how it relates to project success

• Types of scheduled and how they are used

Module 11: Warehouse, Tools & Equipment ​

Speaker: Joe Huss​, Chief Financial Officer at MHS Legacy Group


Module 12: Safety (4-Parts)

Speaker: Robert W. Emmerich, P.E., CHST, President at SAFE-CON, LLC

About this Module: Safety is critical to the success of emerging contractors. It is not only the right thing to do, but it can also significantly impact your bottom line. This 4-part module explores everything from leadership’s role in safety to employee involvement.

• Part 1 - Executive Leadership’s Role in Setting a Safety Culture

• Part 2 - Developing and Managing a Safety Program

• Part 3 - Identifying Basic Construction Hazards and Abatement Measures

• Part 4 - Employee Involvement in the Safety Program


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