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In this ever-changing technology landscape, AGC of America is committed to providing its Members and Chapters with access to the knowledge and skills needed to implement the technologies that are changing our industry. The AGC professional staff implements and supports a wide spectrum of opportunities for Member utilization of new technologies and understanding of the best practices.

Working alongside the AGC professional staff are the members of the IT Steering Committee who are up-to-speed on the trends and changes in construction technology and are able to add valuable contributions to AGC’s technology related initiatives.  The AGC IT Steering Committee consists of IT Leaders from AGC General Contractor and Service Provider membership.

AGC IT Forum Conference

This annual technology conference is the construction industry’s one-stop shop for great discussions and presentations on important technology topics such as Emerging Technology Trends, Affordable Solutions, Cloud Computing, Security, Drones and much more. The 2017 IT Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on August 3 - 4, 2017. To get more details, visit

IT Steering Committee

The Mission of the IT Steering committee is to maximize the effectiveness of electronic information systems in a logical and useful manner to the benefit of the membership and chapters of the AGC of America.

As the leading construction industry association, AGC is always interested in identifying, leading and promoting initiatives that are good for our contractor membership and our industry as a whole.  Some of these initiatives include:

2017 One Day Tech Summit

On Friday, March 10, 2017 AGC held its first ever one-day tech summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. The summit was a full day of tech talks, discussions and roundtables about the latest in construction technology. To find out more visit

Annual Tech Showcase

Each year at the AGC Annual Convention, the IT Steering Committee and AGC staff hosts a Technology Showcase.  Three speakers are given the opportunity to share and demonstrate a technology that has improved productivity or revenues or reduced costs within the company. The 2017 Convention was held on March 7-9, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Construction Technology Standards and Interoperability (agcXML)

Defining standards and establishing interoperability for construction software through the agcXML project. agcXML was founded by the Associated General Contractors of America in 2004 to remedy the construction data integration gap and develop open source integration standards that industry technology providers could build into their software.  In October of 2014, the Associated General Contractors of America selected COSA to officially take over stewardship of the agcXML effort, dedicating resources from member firms to develop and deliver open source integration standards that industry technology providers can build into their software. To learn more visit

TechBrief Newsletter

This newsletter is designed to convey technology information, trends, and happenings in the construction industry.  This newsletter also provides information on tips and tricks, as well as high traffic conversations from the IT Forum list serve discussions.
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Construction technology professionals: share and exchange information via the AGC IT Forum Group on LinkedIn. 

AGC eForums

The AGC eForums are a collection of email listservs dedicated to the exchange of information on various topics.  There are nearly 60 eForums on topics as varied as:  human resource practice and policy, safety and health, taxes and fiscal policy, project delivery, the environment and all of the contracting divisions. 

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