The Department of Labor (DOL) is restructuring Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regional operations to enhance worker protection and agency resilience. Key changes include:

The AGC's Contract Documents Forum's first ever Townhall, which is free to all AGC members and chapters, will take place at noon EST on June 4th. The townhall will include a presentation overview of the ConsensusDocs and American Institute of Architects (AIA) Contract Documents, as well as an open discussion on the topic. We will also share an interesting construction case law development and hear about volunteer opportunities and projects from the AGC Construction Law and Operations Committee.

Updates to the American Arbitration Association's (AAA®) Construction Industry Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures streamline processes and embrace technological advances in resolving construction disputes. Construction has a long history of embracing arbitration. ConsensusDocs standard contract documents default to the current AAA rules and administration when arbitration is chosen. Learn more about how you can maximize the advantages of alternative dispute resolution processes by attending this ConsensensusDocs three-part webinar series on Alternative Dispute Resolution that covers Mediation, Arbitration, and Dispute Review Boards.

Construction, an early adopter of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, has a long-standing success story of utilizing ADR processes instead of costly and time-consuming litigation. ConsensusDocs is offering three separate but related webinars, each led by industry experts, to delve specifically into mediation, arbitration, and dispute review boards (DRBs). By attending these webinars, construction practitioners, as parties to disputes, can make informed decisions to utilize ADR for maximum time and cost savings. Additionally, the ADR webinars will provide insights from experienced mediators, arbitrators, and DRB members on dispute resolution. Importantly, you'll also gain insights on how to potentially bridge the gap and communicate effectively with opposing parties to resolve disputes.

On April 26, AGC of America, and other business groups, jointly filed a friend-of-the-court amicus brief urging a Texas federal district court to declare unlawful a significant U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) final rule (2024) revising the standards for analyzing who is an employee or independent contractor under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This final rule took effect March 11, 2024, and rescinded the Trump administration final rule (2021), replacing it with a more complex analysis for determining employee or independent contractor status.

In this episode of AGC’s ConstructorCast, we delve into the intricacies of the association’s litigation program, which serves as a crucial component of its broader advocacy efforts. We explore how AGC strategically engages in judicial matters to safeguard and improve the business environment for construction contractors, aligning with its overarching goal of advancing industry interests and protecting against disruption.

Meet Jeff Forbes, your AGC of America 2024 – 2025 Building Division ChairJeff Forbes, a long-time regional director for one of Beck Group's biggest markets in Dallas, TX, recently began his term as the Building Division Chair at AGC of America. Forbes has built an impressive career in vertical construction. His portfolio is diverse, with projects spanning Hi-rise, healthcare, higher education, churches, and mixed-use developments. But it is not just the buildings that stand tall; Forbes' commitment to professional growth for all and industry advancement is equally towering. He is excited to lead as the Building Division Chair to encourage innovation and engage with all building contractors to make their voices heard on the national level.

As we continue to raise awareness and encourage open discussion about mental health in the construction industry, AGC is pleased to offer two, FREE educational webinars in partnership with Youturn Health.