AGC Membership FAQ

Can I join AGC as an individual?

AGC membership is held at the company level. When a company joins an AGC chapter, their employees become eligible to take advantage of all AGC benefits and services at both the chapter and national levels. The only exception to this is Young Constructor Associate (YCA) membership, which has very distinct criteria. Additionally, YCA membership offers national benefits, but not necessarily benefits at the chapter(s) in your area.

How does my company apply for AGC membership?

AGC membership must be acquired through at least one of the 89 AGC chapters throughout the country. When a company joins an AGC chapter, their employees become eligible to take advantage of all AGC benefits and services at both that chapter and through AGC of America.

We recommend that you search for a chapter in your geographic area and contact the chapter directly or complete our Ready to Join form. Once you submit the form, we will pass the form on to a chapter in your area and market, and a representative from the local AGC chapter will contact you to further discuss AGC membership.

The fastest way to get information from a chapter about membership will be by contacting the chapter directly.

How much are AGC membership dues?

Membership dues vary from chapter to chapter. You can search for a chapter in your area, visit the chapter’s website for additional information on membership or contact the chapter by phone or email. If you need assistance with which chapter is closest to you, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-242-1766.

My firm has multiple offices around the country. Is there an AGC of America membership we can apply for?

The path to becoming an AGC of America member begins by joining a local chapter. Once a company joins a local chapter, all of their employees (even those in other jurisdictions) become eligible for all AGC benefits at that chapter and at the national level. However, if a company is seeking to participate in the activities of, or receive benefits from, another chapter, they will need to join that chapter as well. Each AGC chapter functions as an independent entity, and therefore, their budgets and programming are all self-driven.

Is there an international chapter?

No. If your firm does work in the United States, we recommend you to search for and join a chapter in the area of your company’s work.

My company is already an AGC member. How do I take advantage of AGC of America member benefits?

First, please create an account on, which you can do by clicking the “Register” button on the top left of our website. This will allow you to create an account with us. You will need to have an account to register for events and receive the member discount on your registration fee (if applicable), receive member pricing for webinars, education programs and in the AGC Store, as well as participate in our discount programs.

How do I find out if my company is already an AGC member?

Search for your company using our online member directory. The member directory is connected to our database, so the directory listings are reported in near real-time.

I’m currently a student. How do I get involved with AGC?

If the school you are currently attending has an AGC student chapter, that’s a great way to get involved. Search for your school here. You may also be able to participate in events at your local AGC chapter.
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