Utility Infrastructure Division

Welcome to AGC's Utility Infrastructure Division. Our Division provides management and market services to contractors engaged in utility construction, including water and wastewater facilities and pipelines, energy generation and transmission, and telecommunications infrastructure. The Division also serves contractors engaged in other underground utility work as well as specialty work such as excavation, tunneling, boring and site preparation. The Division serves as liaison to, and monitor for, other water, wastewater, and utility owner and user groups in the public and private sectors.

Resources for Utility Contractors

Elements of an Effective Underground Utility Excavation Safety & Damage Prevention Program

Utility Infrastructure Market

  • Advocacy – AGC is advocating for expanded investment in our nation's infrastructure and for improvements in the construction of our nation's water, wastewater and other utility infrastructure.
  • Liquid Assets – AGC-supported documentary on the state of our water/wastewater infrastructure.
  • Public–Private Partnerships - AGC Resources for P3 Contracts


AGC represents its members through many active coalitions in Washington, D.C. Coalitions relevant to the Division include:

  • Water Infrastructure Network (WIN)
    • AGC represents the construction industry in WIN, a broad-based coalition of local elected officials, drinking water and wastewater service providers, labor organizations, state environmental and health administrators, engineers and environmentalists dedicated to preserving and protecting the health, environmental and economic gains that America's drinking water and wastewater infrastructure provides. AGC serves on the WIN Executive Committee.

  • Sustainable Water Infrastructure Coalition (SWIC)
    • AGC is among the construction industry representatives in SWIC, a broad-based coalition of private water companies, engineering associations, labor organizations, water and wastewater equipment manufacturers, and environmentalists dedicated to creating opportunities for private investment in water infrastructure and public-private partnerships for the water industry. AGC serves on the SWIC Steering Committee.

  • Common Ground Alliance (CGA)
    • AGC represents the construction industry in the CGA, a nonprofit group promoting underground construction safety and facility damage prevention among all stakeholders to the one-call process. AGC was the first construction industry sponsor of the CGA, and a founding member. AGC was also proud to be the first National Launch Partner for 811, the nationwide 3-digit dialing for one-call, an effort guided by the CGA. AGC serves on several of CGA's committees, including: Best Practices, Stakeholder Advocacy, Data and Education. AGC also has a seat on the CGA Board of Directors.

  • Municipal Bonds for America (MBFA)
    • MBFA is a coalition developed to educate members of Congress and the public about the use and success of municipal bonds, and also to safeguard the tax exempt status these bonds enjoy. Policymakers from both parties have called for the modification or abolition of this tax exempt status. AGC was the first (and currently only) construction industry representative to join the MBFA.

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