Construction Officials Call On Trump And Biden To Establish A Nationwide Vaccine Distribution Plan To Avoid Confusion And Delays

Officials Say Nationwide Plan Should Set Clear Distribution Priorities, Warn that Delegating Responsibility for Distributing Coronavirus Vaccine to State & Local Officials will Lead to Confusion, Delays, & Hardship 


President Trump and candidate Biden should establish and implement a nationwide plan for the distribution of approved coronavirus vaccines, the Associated General Contractors of America advised today in a letter to the two presidential candidates (Trump and Biden). Establishing such a nationwide plan will help avoid the confusion, delays and potential economic hardships that would result from delegating all responsibility to state and local officials. 


“A thoughtful and comprehensive plan to rollout the ultimately approved vaccine for the coronavirus will ensure that the construction industry can continue to provide support for other critical sectors of the economy,” wrote Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive office, in the letters to the two candidates. “There is the real potential that conflicting and confusing priorities at the state and local level will undermine the distribution process.” 


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