The Lean Construction Forum Steering Committee presents WebEds with topics that are critical in helping you and your company’s Lean journey. Each WebEd qualifies as 1.0 credit towards Continuing Education for your CM-Lean Credential. Click here for more information on renewing your CM-Lean.

Business Case for Lean

In 2021, Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) partnered with LCI and Dodge Data & Analytics to conduct research into the benefits of Lean Construction methodology on projects for the general contractor including Building/Highway/Federal/Specialty Contractors. Members from all three organizations worked together to provide the industry evidence that utilization of Lean methodology provides benefits across the board for:

  • Schedule
  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Employee Engagement
  • Client Satisfaction

This is the first time that research of this magnitude on Lean Construction methodology has been conducted for the general contractor.

Team Delivery for the Win

Tired of the contractual, risk management approach to project delivery? There is a better way! Construction Managers and General Contractors are responsible for the whole project – not just the construction outcome – so why not engage the team at every point in the journey? Join renowned lean expert and consultant Klaus Lemke and O’Shea Builders’ lean practitioner Harry Schmidt as they share and discuss the application and results of O’Shea’s Committed Team Delivery – a win, win, win proposition for owners, design & trade partners!

Enthusiasm for Lean

For many lean leaders and coaches a primary concern is obtaining the full engagement of everyone on a project team in lean practices. Despite best efforts at directing people toward lean behaviors universal lean buy-in has been difficult to achieve. This webinar presents knowledge about how enthusiasm for lean can be methodically generated within project teams working in the building design and construction industry.

How to Grow Leaders and Improve Operational Efficiency

Today’s business environment requires streamlined business processes to achieve the rapid onboarding needed to fill the talent gap. Application of Lean to the business of construction provides the foundation for growing your whole enterprise. Sundt Construction is a leader in the construction industry. Sundt has used Lean as a key element of its strategic growth plan. This webinar will share lessons learned optimizing business practices for the new generation of leadership in our industry. Lean principles add value to an organization far beyond a project.

Pull Planning: The Importance of Tracking & Holding Teams Accountable

As our economy continues to surge, companies are forced to produce key deliverables in less time, with less resources. The Last Planner System has been the go-to solution for creating integrated schedules for our projects. However, we are hearing more and more that Pull Planning Sessions are becoming a “Waste Of Time”. We would like to break down the Pull Plan and discuss the reasons why the system fails and develop strategies to ensure success.

How to Foster a Culture of Lean and Innovation

Becoming a Lean company is no easy task. It is truly a journey that begins with one person, one initiative or one department at a time. Along this journey, it is critical to obtain sustainability in order for the desired goal to not only be met, but to ultimately become a part of the very fabric of all involved with the process.