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AGC was successful in its effort to strip several harmful construction provisions from the annual defense bill, called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). For military construction projects, those provisions would have:
Leaders from Federal Agencies Make Major Announcements
AGC is working to block the inclusion of policies that would negatively impact military construction contractors in a final National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill—a must-pass, annual defense bill. The House of Representatives passed its version of the NDAA in September and the Senate is expected to begin floor debate on its version as soon as November 15. Among other things, these policies—if included in the final bill—would: require prime contractors and subcontractors to be licensed in the state of the military construction project; establish local hiring preferences; impose subjective criteria into the suspension and debarment process that would make it easier to blacklist contractors; and require contractors to exceed a 20 percent registered apprenticeship goal.
AGC Hosts Webinar; Continues Dialogue with Agencies; Engaged Legal Counsel
AGC Hosts Webinar; Continues Dialogue with Agencies; Engaged Legal Counsel
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State Licensure Requirements, Local Hiring Preferences, Registered Apprenticeship Goals & More
On June 22, AGC of America’s Federal & Heavy Construction division met with the Pre-Command Course for incoming District Commanders of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. AGC and the Army Corps discussed solutions to the challenges facing our nation’s infrastructure and how the Army Corps can better partner with the construction industry. AGC emphasized the strain contractors are facing with construction materials at record high prices and the continued availability challenges. AGC urged District Commanders to partner with AGC Chapters and member contractors back in their district offices, and also providing government guidance encouraging such meetings. AGC looks forward to continuing its decades long partnership with the Army Corps to ensure the delivery of high-quality facilities and infrastructure and will help ensure a brighter future for the construction industry, the Army Corps, and our nation.