Lean for Trades Toolbox Talk Series


AGC’s Lean Construction Forum Steering Committee has developed the Lean for Trades Toolbox Talk Series to introduce Lean Construction concepts to the job-site. These 10-minute conversational huddles will help your team identify ways to improve processes, eliminate waste and adopt a Lean culture in the shop and field. Each Toolbox Talk session, released monthly, reviews a concept you can use to create discussion, teach and grow your team’s understanding of Lean and determine how you can work more productively and collaboratively . Review the slide deck in an office or on a site, use the lesson to explain the concept, discuss the concept and use the printable handout to pass out to your team as a tool to help implement positive change.

Leading an AGC Lean for Trades Toolbox Talk counts for 1 Continuing Education credit towards your CM-Lean Credential. To obtain credit, please complete a survey on the Toolbox Talk you have completed and click here to submit for credit for your participation as a speaker and provide documentation (e.g. event date, participant list, description of event). AGC Lean for Trades Toolbox Talks is qualified for CE hours  towards the renewal of your CM-Lean.

This month, the Lean Construction Forum highlights: 
Improved Safety and Coordination of Work Through Shared Visualization
Contributed by Colin Milberg, ASKM and Associates
Shared Visualization PDF
Shared Visualization Printable Card
Joe Donarumo

   Weekly Work Planning
    Contributed by Colin Milberg, ASKM and Associates
    Weekly Work Planning PowerPoint
    Weekly Work Planning PDF
    Weekly Work Planning Printable Card

Hand-Off/Commitment Cycle
Contributed by Joe Donarumo, Linbeck Group, LLC
Hand-Off/Commitment Cycle PowerPoint
Hand-Off/Commitment Cycle PDF
Hand-Off/Commitment Cycle Printable Card

PDCA Cycle
Contributed by Henry Nutt, III, Southland Industries
PDCA Cycle PowerPoint
PDCA Cycle Printable Card

Visual Communication Tools
Contributed by Joe Donarumo, LINBECK
Visual Communication Tools PowerPoint
Visual Communication Tools PDF
Visual Communication Tools Printable Card

8 Wastes in Construction
Contributed by Joel Lehrer, Ivey Mechanical Company
 8 Wastes in Construction PowerPoint
 8 Wastes in Construction PDF
 8 Wastes in Construction Printable Card

5-S Program
Contributed by Brendan Bartolo, Dynalectric Colorado
5-S Program PowerPoint
5-S Program PowerPoint PDF
5-S Program Printable Card

Respect for People
Contributed by Henry Nutt, III, Southland Industries
Respect for People PowerPoint
Respect for People PDF
Respect for People Printable Card

Introduction to Lean Construction
Contributed by Henry Nutt, III, Southland Industries
Introduction to Lean Construction PowerPoint
Introduction to Lean Construction PDF
Introduction to Lean Construction Printable Card