Member Highlight: Jeremy Wheeler, AGC Construction Leadership Committee

Meet Jeremy!

Jeremy has been with Burleson Construction Company since 2015. He is a Project Manager leading commercial and industrial building projects. Jeremy is the immediate past President of the Construction Leadership Council with AGC of TN, current Secretary and Treasurer for the Tri-Cities Branch of AGC of TN, and is currently serving on the CLC Steering Committee for AGC of America.


Why did you choose to get involved with AGC's Construction Leadership Committee?

I got involved with the CLC Steering Committee to continue my own professional development. I also wanted the ability to have a forum with CLC members from across the nation to better understand what their CLC's are doing that is successful to help grow my local and state CLC.


What benefits have you experienced being involved at both the national and chapter level with AGC?

The ability to have a forum with other contractors and industry professionals has allowed me to grow professionally while allowing my company to benefit by learning from other contractors on what they are doing that works. The AGC has also allowed my company to keep up with industry trends and technological advancements.


What can construction professionals like you gain by engaging with AGC?

I believe that professional development, business relationships, and industry knowledge are the biggest things that engaging with the AGC can offer. It is incredibly helpful to understand how companies from outside your market, that aren't necessarily your local competitor, are handling the current and future challenges of the industry. The CLC is a great way to start your initial involvement with the AGC. It allows you to form relationships with peers that are in similar positions in their career path. These relationships are an essential building block to further involvement and success within the AGC.


What's your favorite in-person AGC event and why?

My favorite in-person AGC event is the Annual Student Chapter Meeting at the AGC National Convention. I love being able to get together with student AGC chapters from all over the country and learn what they are doing to make their chapters successful. It is also great to see them share ideas with each other that they can take back home to their chapters to continue their chapter’s growth.

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