AGC Education and Research Foundation Releases New Case Study in Partnership with Roger Williams University

The AGC Education and Research Foundation is committed to the growth, development, and encouragement of field research initiatives to enhance the education of construction management students. In support of this vision, the AGC Foundation commissions case studies that will provide today's construction management students the tools to build the industry's future. Cases written by faculty-contractor teams are based on actual experience and provide students with the opportunity to work through issues in a classroom setting.

The latest case study, written in partnership with Roger Williams University, involves incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) when making decisions affecting individuals working on a project site. The word “diversity” is often considered to refer to cultural or gender differences, but it is important to explore additional types of diversity. A typical construction site presents more challenges to DEIA than a typical office environment, and more innovative approaches are needed. This case study introduces the learner to DEIA issues through scenarios inspired by actual events. Some event details have been altered to protect the individuals, and some of the people described are compendiums of multiple people. Three scenarios are provided which address challenges faced by women, individuals with different sexual orientation, and disabled people working on a construction site. Discussion questions are provided to help learners explore the scenarios in various ways. To access Incorporating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility on a Construction Siteclick here.

Case Studies published by the foundation are available in AGC's Learning Management System as free downloads to industry trainers and faculty members. The AGC Education and Research Foundation Case Study Task Force has also developed a white paper, “Implementing AGC Foundation Case Studies into Construction Education” which provides information about how to effectively use case studies to engage construction students in the classroom, including best practices that have proven successful. The Foundation recommends that instructors download the case study from a pdf and distribute to students directly, otherwise students could have access to the instructor notes on through the LMS.

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