House Approves Clean Water Permitting Reforms

AGC-backed federal Clean Water Act permit streamlining package benefiting many construction projects passes the House, but faces resistance from the White House and Senate that are focused on limiting permitting reforms to just clean energy projects.

On March 21, the House of Representatives passed the AGC-supported (H.R. 7023, the Creating Confidence in Clean Water Permitting Act. As you are aware, construction projects get tied up in delays in the Clean Water Act permitting process or litigation from frivolous or unwarranted lawsuits. This often causes delays in the projects being completed and jeopardizes construction jobs.

If signed into law, it would provide greater certainty for construction companies engaged in water projects held up by the Clean Water Act permitting process. It would accelerate an all-too-slow review process and mitigate against frivolous lawsuits that often follow permitting decisions. Finally, this bill would help ensure more timely delivery of infrastructure projects that benefit the nation’s communities yet still protect the environment.

While the White House has expressed a need for permitting reform, it appears they are only interested in reforming the process for renewable energy projects. Therefore, this bill will unlikely get a vote in the Senate.

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