NEW VIDEO: Why AGC's Climate Change Initiative is Important and How You Can Get Involved

Video Includes Details of association’s new climate change toolkit 

A new video from AGC provides an in-depth look at AGC’s efforts to ensure the industry plays a lead role in shaping climate change policies that impact construction and help build a greener future. The video explores how three AGC task forces have been meeting as part of this effort to: identify technology advances that can improve efficiency; explore ways to build safe and healthy communities; and understand the impacts of climate and climate change policies to the supply chain.  The video also includes details about AGC’s new Climate Change Toolkit which we built to help members learn more about this topic and identify ways members can get involved.  

Click here to watch the video update and go directly to AGC’s Climate Change Toolkit online at As AGC Senior Vice President Les Snyder, of Brightline West, says in today’s video, “I hope all of you will get involved as we work to make sure the construction industry is doing its part to operate efficiently and to help our owners build more efficient projects.”  

If you have questions or would like to be a part of the discussion, please reach out to Melinda Tomaino at

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