The Consulting Constructors’ Council Welcomes New Members

The history of the consulting constructor and their impact on this country and around world stands as a testament to the valued and unparalleled expertise which individuals have brought to the construction community. The purpose of the Council is to recognize those in our industry who have made significant contributions to the quality and professionalism associated with commercial construction professionals.

Many in the industry have risen to prominence from small companies, while still others made their way in some of this country’s largest construction businesses. Yet today, and despite their chosen paths, each maintains an emphasis on quality of deliverables and a desirable, mutually beneficial relationships with customers and clients for a job well done.

Over the years, a desire arose to promote their common interests in improving business conditions, practices, and ethics in the construction industry, and recognizing the need for establishing industry standards. A few general contractors organized to define and maintain certain principles and an appropriate Code of Ethics.

Therefore, to provide a proper public service, as well as to give due recognition to deserving private individuals and capable heads of construction companies, constructors established a Consulting Constructors’ Council of America (CCC).

At AGC’s Fall 2021 Convention, the CCC welcomed 9 new members to the prestigious group including:

  • Allston Marble, Linbeck Group, LLC
  • Amy Hall, Ebony Construction Company, Inc.
  • Brian Daniel, Carroll Daniel Construction
  • Dawn Stephens, Charter Construction, Inc.
  • Dragan Stojanovic, Norair Engineering Corp.
  • Jeffrey A. Harper, Harper Construction Company, Inc.
  • Kari Karst, BX Civil & Construction, Inc. & Dells Materials Company
  • Maura C. Hesdon, Shoemaker Construction Co.
  • Stephanie L. O’Rourke, COKINOS | YOUNG

Congratulations and welcome to our newest industry leaders!

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