CLC Member Spotlight: Christina Pasquariello, General Building Contractors Association

April 26, 2021

Christina Pasquariello, Project Manager for P. Agnes, Inc. in Philadelphia, has been a member of GBCA’s Construction Leadership Council Steering Committee since 2019. She also sits on GBCA’s Membership Committee, which leads GBCA’s member recruitment and retention programs.

Christina’s interest in construction began at a young age, when her father, Patrick Pasquariello, III (pictured with Christina), would take her to job sites on the weekends. Early on, she knew that she wanted to work in the family business and follow in her father’s footsteps. Like many construction professionals in family businesses, she earned a degree outside of construction (in her case, marketing), and found herself wanting to return to the family business and learn more about the construction side of the business. Today, she is one of the first women in the family to pursue a leadership position in the company.

Her entry into the industry was bolstered by her involvement in GBCA’s Construction Leadership Council. Starting off by attending more social activities such as the CLC at Phillies Opening Day event (her favorite CLC Event), she soon found value in creating a network of peers and also took advantage of the CLC’s leadership training programs. The CLC has turned professional relationships into friendships.

Connecting with other young professionals in the CLC, she has been able to learn positives and negatives in the industry. Even though things are changing and arguably improving, she still faces daily challenges as a woman in the construction industry. Her aim, however, is to build a company and industry that values teamwork. She puts in the hard work, expects the same from others, and fosters an atmosphere of teamwork, where colleagues are comfortable asking for help and providing help in turn.

Turning 30 in 2021, Christina reminds other young construction professionals of some familiar advice about being okay with making mistakes, but also emphasizes the need to grow from them: “No one is perfect, and you can always learn from your mistakes. The important thing is to not make the same mistakes twice.”

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