Three Recent Updates to Online Environmental Compliance Compendium

December 4, 2020

Aerosol Cans, Lead Paint (English and Spanish), and Process Wastewater

The Construction Industry Compliance Assistance Center (the CICA Center) has updated its information on the Aerosol Can Universal Waste rule, the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting program, and process water.  Supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the CICA Center provides “plain language” resources on federal and state environmental requirements pertaining to construction activities.  AGC recommends the center as a resource for members and has contributed content to the site.  Check out the recent changes below.

Aerosol Can Universal Waste Rule Members of AGC’s Environmental Forum Steering Committee worked on an explanation of the Universal Waste requirements specific to construction for inclusion on the CICA Center.  To help decide whether to puncture the cans onsite, they included cost benefit information as well as a “shopping list” for a puncturing set-up.

Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (in English and Spanish) – U.S. EPA made extensive updates to the information provided about this program on the CICA Center and added materials in Spanish.  It provides an explanation of the program requirements, information on training and certification, notifications, work practices, and recordkeeping.  Users can also find links to additional resources and the Small Entity Compliance Guide as well as links to state and tribal webpages as appropriate. 

Process Wastewater – AGC also recently provided content on process wastewater.  The webpage identifies activities that generate process wastewater, including concrete washout (washout of concrete truck chutes, tools, etc.), equipment and vehicle washing, dewatering of trenches/excavations, and cleanup of stucco and painting equipment.  It then provides U.S. EPA fact sheets specific to the activity as well as examples of helpful state resources.

The CICA Center provides information on a wide-range of environmental issues that pertain to construction activities.  Check out the resources at and bookmark the website for future use.

For more information on the CICA Center, contact Melinda Tomaino at  You can also contact Catherine Tunis at the U.S. EPA at

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