AGC Releases Paper on the Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion in the Construction Industry

AGC’s report, The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion in the Construction Industry, outlines six reasons why diversity and inclusion are strategically valuable in generating corporate/industry innovation, increasing profitability, and ensuring a positive and sustaining legacy of progress for your firm.

The conventional understanding of diversity has evolved over time. What started as a focus on compliance of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action requirements has moved into a critical and necessary part of doing business as a way to achieve greater financial success. As the population of the U.S. becomes more diverse, construction companies will need to reflect the changing demographics in order to find workers and remain competitive. The arguments for a company including diversity and inclusion as a key business strategy go beyond the moral imperative of “doing the right thing” and focus on the measurable financial results that can be achieved.

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