AGC's 2017 BuildCon: Lean Come to Life: The Impact of Prefabrication on the People

October 30, 2017

AGC’s 2017 BuildCon brings together leaders, owners and peers of the industry to share, learn and discuss vital business topics so you can compete and excel in today’s market.  This year's programming focuses on lean practices and prefabrication and looking at implementation from multiple perspectives.

Session highlight:

The Practical Applications of Lean:

Find out how lean principles were applied to planning and building a 930,000 square foot, $1.2Billion, hospital in the heart of San Francisco, CA. Learn how the use of On-Boarding Videos, Big-Room collaboration, Team Building, pre-fabbed duct assemblies, modular plumbing kits, pre-manufactured porta-potties and many other innovative ideas uncommon to traditional construction made for a safer, under-budget and cutting-edge project.

Presenters include: Henry Nutt III, General Sheetmetal Superintendent, Southland Industries & Klas Berghede, Lean Production Leader/Production Manager, The Boldt Company.

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