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Year-to-Date Collective Bargaining Yields Average First-Year Increase of 2.8%

October 12, 2017

Construction-industry collective bargaining negotiations settled so far this year resulted in an average wage-and-benefit increase of 2.6 percent or $1.44, according to the latest Settlements Report issued by the AGC-supported Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC).  Settlements reported between January and September 2017 resulted in an average first-year wage-and-benefit increase of 2.8 percent or $1.62.  For newly negotiated multiyear agreements, the average second-year increase was 2.9 percent or $1.69.  Settlements this year maintain an upward trend that has continued since 2011.

The full report, which contains additional information such as regional and craft breakdowns, is available to AGC members in the Labor & HR Topical Resources area of AGC’s website under the main category “Collective Bargaining” and subcategory “Collective Bargaining Agreement Data.”  An updated report is expected in December or January.

AGC’s collective bargaining chapters are reminded to please send settlements information to CLRC at promptly after completion of bargaining.  Chapters and members are also reminded that CLRC is available to assist with custom projects, such as analyses of local market share, contract language costs, union vs. nonunion wage and benefits comparisons, and wage and benefits benchmarks, at a discount for AGC affiliation.  For more information about these services, please call CLRC directly at (202) 347-8440. 

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