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The people I've met through AGC have helped me both personally and professionally. Every contractor needs those resources and those relationships. If you want to be successful, well then, you need AGC.

Phyllis Harden

Legislative & Special Projects, Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel
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PMC Graduate Testimonials

  • Huge benefits. Great presenters!
  • I have not had very much construction training, so this was very beneficial. I feel honored to have been a part of this course.
  • Best program I have attended. Great return on investment and time potential.
  • I believe this was really worth it and I'm glad I took the time to attend.
  • I am happy to go back and discuss the benefit of this program for not only our young PMs but our seasoned PMs as well.
  • The most useful tool in my professional learning to date.
  • This was put together very well. I would say the only thing I would change is the length of time -- 12 hours is a lot of training. It's tough for a guy used to going all day - on the move.
  • I will return our book and use the info for my future dealings on projects.
  • I work for a small company and there is room for improvement. What I've learned can benefit my company.
  • Overall this course was very beneficial.
  • Learned a lot. Glad I came to this course.
  • I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to others.
  • It was great to have instructors that have a lot of years of experience in the field.
  • Great facility, good food, good people, overall it was very good. Hell of a job AGC!
  • Great job. Everything was smooth. This allowed for the time to go by so quickly. I personally gained a great deal and can't wait to apply it when I return.
  • I believe all of the information had been very relevant.
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