PMC Faculty Information

Module 1: Project Planning

Founder and Owner
Bowen Engineering Corporation
Indianapolis, IN



Module 2: Safety Management

National Safety Director
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
St. Louis, MO



Module 3: Construction Productivity

Professor, Bradley University
President, Adrian International LLC
Peoria, IL


Module 4: Claims Management

Senior Consultant
Wagner, Hohns, Inglis, Inc.
Orlando, FL



Module 5: Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling

Bill Epstein
Wagner, Hohns, Inglis, Inc.
Mt. Laurel, NJ



Module 6: Legal Issues & Contract Clauses

Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser, P.C.
Dallas, TX

Module 7: Subcontractor & Vendor Management
Module 8: Cost Control
Module 9: Project Recordkeeping

Associate Dean for  Academic Affairs and McShane Chair
Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI



Module 10: Leadership Styles & Communications

R. S. Cook and Associates, Inc.
Westtown, PA

Module 11: Innovation

Director of Virtual Design and Construction/BIM
Yates Construction
Jackson, MS



Pablo Medina, CM-BIM
VDC/BIM Project Manager
McCarthy Group, Inc.
Newport Beach, CA
Module 12: Time Management
Former Director of Employee Development 
Kitchell Corporation
Phoenix, AZ


Module 13: Problem Solving & Decision Making

Burleson Construction Company, Inc.
Johnson City, TN