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Lean Construction For Executives

Lean Construction allows companies to thrive in all economic conditions. By applying lean construction principles, executives can improve safety, and achieve greater customer satisfaction with higher productivity at reduced costs. The Lean Construction for Executives presentation is designed as a way for executives to share their lean journey with their colleagues to improve construction practices. The presentations are designed to be a customized story of each company's lean journey.

Below are the past two prentations given at the AGC convention:

Lean Construction for Executives presented by Linbeck and Sundt Construction in March of 2016, in San Antonio, TX.

Lean Construction for Executives 

Bill Seed's Lean Construction for Executives presentation given in March of 2015, in San Juan, PR.

AGC Convention Presentation: Lean Construction for Executives 

1). Lean Construction for Executives Presentation – Purpose and Objectives

The executive presentation is intended for executives and is delivered by executives.

The objectives are:

Objective #1 – Create general awareness of Lean and how it is applied in our industry – overcome the stereotype that it is for manufacturing and not construction

Objective #2 - Provide a reason for executives to start/continue a Lean journey within their organization

Objective #3 – Create demand for the AGC’s Lean Education offering as a follow-up step

2). Audience Analysis

The majority of those attending your presentation will have limited to no understanding of Lean design and construction. Therefore the presentation should answer the following questions:

  • What is Lean design and construction?
  • Why do it?
  • What is the role of the organization’s leader?
  • How do I begin?

Use the template provided below as a resource to prepare your presentation.

PowerPoint Template for Future Presentations

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