Take the 2022 AGC of America Buy America Survey and Show Public and Private Owners the Extent of Material Issues

Take the brief survey to help AGC of America help better communicate to public and private owners about how continuing construction materials shortages, long lead times and price volatility are impacting the construction industry.

Your participation in the 2022 AGC of America Buy America Survey will help bring owners to the table on the private side and encourage public owners to enact measures that sensibly meet industry’s needs as it adjusts to these new, wide-ranging requirements.

Completing the 2022 AGC of America Buy America Survey is more important than ever, especially as federal agencies scramble to implement new, restrictive domestic construction material sourcing requirements—under the Build America, Buy America Act—for all federally assisted construction projects.

Public and private owners are asking for the construction industry’s input, and taking this survey is one of the easiest and fastest ways to contribute.

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