New AGC Podcast Episode on How Advances In Artificial Intelligence Are Benefiting Construction

On this episode, Josh Levy of Document Crunch, Paul James of BOND Brothers and Brian Perlberg of ConsensusDocs dive deep into how AI and Machine Learning are being used to assess contract risk and inform approaches to construction risk management. They discuss finding the right balance using technology versus operational discretion when bidding contracts, negotiating contracts, administrating projects, and managing insurance compliance. Hear their first-hand experiences on how AI powered contract review software for the construction industry can reduce costs, improve efficiencies and lead to a better industry understanding of what is fair and considered a best practice.

Josh Levy, Co-Founder at Document Crunch

Paul M. James, Senior Vice President, Risk Management & General Counsel at BOND Brothers, Inc.

Brian Perlberg, Executive Director and Senior Counsel at ConsensusDocs

Document Crunch, curated by legal professionals and risk management experts in the construction industry, harnesses state of-the-art artificial intelligence/machine learning technology to quickly identify what curators believe are the most important provisions in contract documents, and to also provide key insights and rationale, as well as sample contract provisions and other language.

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