Encore Electric Wins Willis Towers Watson Construction Safety Excellence Awards Grand Prize as 57 Other Companies Win Awards for Quality Construction Safety Programs

Encore Electric was honored for having the nation’s best construction safety and wellness plan in 2018 by the Associated General Contractors of America. The association, which oversees the Willis Towers Watson Construction Safety Excellence Awards, an annual ranking of construction safety programs, noted that 57 other companies were also selected as winners for the quality of their safety programs.

"Construction firms have many important obligations to meet in completing projects, but their most fundamental commitment is to ensure the safety of their workers," said Eddie Stewart, the association’s president, and president and chief executive officer of Caddell Construction in Montgomery, Ala. "These award winners have demonstrated the most effective and innovative ways to keep their job sites safe and their workers out of harm's way."

Encore Electric was selected as this year’s Grand Prize winner because of its exceptional leadership in safety. Stewart noted that the company was dedicated to the development and implementation of premier safety and loss prevention programs. The company presented outstanding guidance in safety and occupational health management, risk control, safety training, work site hazard identification and control, and safety program innovation, Steward added.

Stewart noted that there are multiple winners because the awards are distributed for a number of categories, based on the amount and type of work performed. He added that the AGC-Willis Towers Watson Construction Safety Excellence Award winners are selected by a panel of five independent safety professionals within the government, corporate and insurance industries. Final judging for the awards program took place during the contractors’ association’s annual convention in Denver.

“Willis Towers Watson is proud to be an AGC partner in safety and sponsor the AGC’s Construction Safety Excellence Awards, a partnership that began over thirty years ago,” said Mike Fredebeil, CSP, North American Director Construction Safety, Willis Towers Watson. “Congratulations to all the finalists, the division winners, and the grand award winner Encore Electric for their commitment to go above and beyond just meeting industry safety standards, raising the bar so that every construction employee will be able to go home every day.

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