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April 30, 2009
Written by AGC contractor members and professional industry practitioners, the new Project Delivery Systems textbook provides detailed information on traditional and alternative project delivery systems. It includes chapters on Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Construction Management At-Risk, Construction Agency and Program Management. The book breaks down each delivery system by "typical" and "defining" characteristics and comes complete with self-tests and case studies to emphasize points covered in the text. 180 pages. 2004. Item No. 2915
April 3, 2009
This "how-to" book enables you to meet the challenges of green building construction. It introduces how the "green" or "sustainable" elements of a project may impact construction management principles. It briefly covers the available green building rating systems and guidelines such as LEED® and Green Globesy.  2008. Item No. 5100. To order go to or call 1-800-242-1767.
February 23, 2009
The Highway and Utilities Contractors Issues Meeting took place Feb 6 and 7. Over 120 contractors came to La Quinta, Calif., for discussion of the issues that affect their particular markets and to hear presentations from some of the leading experts in the field.
January 31, 2009
This DVD provides extensive coverage of an essential subject-the significance of which is often not well understood or appreciated by the project management team. The video notes that cost controls should begin with the budget estimate, and if done well, are applicable forecasting performances in considering new projects. Data collection, equipment, labor, materials, subcontractors, and change orders are also noted. 82 minutes. 2005. Item #2617D
January 31, 2009
AGC's meeting in conjunction with the NCPPP, Partnerships for Growth in Infrastructure, attracted attendees eager to learn the legislative, financial and risk management principles critical for contractors who are contemplating public-private partnerships. AGC's unique perspective as a contractor organization provides insights on how PPP opportunities should be evaluated by contractors (including the legislative environment and the contract with the owner and concessionaire).
January 23, 2009
According to recent insurance industry estimates, soft tissue injuries account for one-third of total claims and two-thirds of the total cost for workers compensation losses. This material focuses on why soft tissue injuries occur and highlights effective methods to reduce the number of soft tissue injuries, such as back injuries, sprains and strains and pinched nerves. Co-Developed by AGC of America and Zurich, the Package Includes: One Instructor Guide with Power Point 10 Student Booklets One DVD Item No. 203 and 203S (Spanish)
December 30, 2008
Take advantage of this power-packed and informative January 27, 2009 one-day workshop, “Partnerships for Growth in Infrastructure: Contractors’ Risks and Opportunities with Public-Private Partnerships.”
December 30, 2008
Building Information Modeling (BIM) integrates 3D drawings and 4D animations to dramatically improve the communication, coordination and planning of construction projects, while reducing risks, errors and costs. Building Information Modeling is an in-depth resource that shows architects and building professionals how to capitalize on BIM concepts, tools and techniques for their own building projects. 416 pages. 2008. Item #5093 To order go to or call 800-242-1767.
October 15, 2008
With 150 new construction safety talks, this informative manual is a go-to resource for construction safety supervisors needing to properly train employees. Safety topics include: Caught in Between, Electrical, Environmental, Excavations, Falls, Health Hazards, Highway Hazards, Scaffolds & Ladders, Steel and Struck By. Also, includes a full version on CD-ROM. 2007. Item # 139.


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