Outstanding Student Chapter Contest

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2023 AGC Outstanding Student Chapter Contest!

Applications for the 2023 Outstanding Student Chapter Contest have been accepted and AGC of America received applications from exceptional Student Chapters across the country! This year, our Outstanding Student Chapter Awards were broken up into three categories for student chapters to be awarded for exemplary demonstration of the AGC of America tenants of Skill, Responsibility & Integrity. Three applications in particular stood out from the others and AGC of America is happy to announce the winners:

Resilient/Emerging Student Chapter Award: AGC Student Chapter at Oklahoma State University

The Emerging AGC Student Chapter Award serves to highlight chapters who are successfully building their membership/engagement, increasing their involvement in the construction industry and partnering with their local AGC.  

Through strategic restructuring of their calendar to cater to diverse interests, the introduction of fun and social gatherings, and fostering inclusivity by revising membership dues, Oklahoma State utilized strategic initiatives to revitalize their chapter's experience and increase attendance. Moreover, the chapter's dedication to community service and collaboration with organizations like the Construction Leadership Council of AGC of Oklahoma has further enriched their members' experiences and expanded their professional networks. Under the leadership of Dr. Amy King, their chapter has flourished into a vibrant hub of growth and collaboration, reflecting unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Community Service Award: Iowa State University AGC Student Chapter

The Iowa State University AGC Student Chapter has exemplified outstanding commitment to community service through a diverse array of impactful projects, dedicating a collective 1504 volunteer hours within a school year. From assisting Habitat for Humanity in building homes in Omaha, NE, to renovating homes in Athens, GA, and partnering with local organizations like Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity and Heartland Senior Services, the chapter has left a lasting positive impact on communities near and far. Through meticulous planning, collaboration with industry partners, and dedication to safety and quality, the chapter has demonstrated exceptional leadership and teamwork skills. Their efforts have not only provided tangible benefits to those in need but have also fostered a spirit of compassion and service among students. With a strong focus on community engagement and a commitment to making a difference, the Iowa State AGC Student Chapter stands out as a deserving candidate for the AGC Student Chapter Community Service Award. 

Construction Management Skills Award: Kansas State University AGC Student Chapter

The Kansas State University AGC Student Chapter exemplifies outstanding proficiency in construction management skills, as demonstrated through their impactful project with T&M Concrete. Partnering with local contractors, they successfully constructed a 1,600 linear foot concrete sidewalk for Northview Elementary School, involving over 100 cubic yards of concrete poured across five Saturdays with the participation of 56 students. Their adept project scheduling, collaboration with industry partners, and effective communication underscore their mastery of construction management principles. Through innovative approaches like leveraging faculty support for increased workforce participation, they showcased leadership and problem-solving abilities. Their commitment to honing technical and soft skills, coupled with strong industry relationships, positions them as deserving recipients of the AGC Construction Management Skills Award. 

Again, congratulations to the winners of the AGC Outstanding Student Chapter Contest! It is never too early to start planning for the 2024 Outstanding Student Chapter contest.  Please look out for the Student Chapter application to be released by July 2024.

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