Specialty Contractors

AGC of America stands as the definitive voice for the construction industry, representing the interests of close to 9,000 specialty contractor firms nationwide. The Specialty Contractors Committee (SCC) champions the diverse spectrum of specialty contractors across every sector and region. Collaborating closely with general contractors, the SCC is dedicated to resolving industry-wide challenges and fostering a unified construction community.

"We urge all association members to deepen their engagement with their respective local AGC Chapters and the national AGC of America body, reinforcing our collective voice and impact.

Jeff Montgomery
Chair, AGC of America Specialty Contractors Committee


About the Specialty Contractors Committee (SCC)

AGC of America is composed of nearly 27,000 member firms; including nearly 9,000 specialty contractor firms. All AGC specialty contractor members are members of the Specialty Contractors Committee. The Committee provides AGC specialty contractor members a voice in the Association.

The Committee was created in 1997 to better serve the needs of the Association's growing ranks of specialty contractor members. The SCC chair serves on the AGC Board of Directors and the AGC Board of Governors - all strengthening the impact that specialty contractors have in AGC.

The SCC seeks to promote best practices and fairness throughout the construction industry through collaboration within AGC, enhanced communication, and industry influence