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January 6, 2021
                Few Construction Firms Will Add Workers In 2021 As Industry Struggles With Declining Demand, Growing Number Of Project Delays And Cancellations New Industry Outlook Finds Most Contractors Expect Demand for Many Categories of Construction to Decline, Few Firms Expect the... Read More

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President Biden Revokes Several Trump E.O.s  On January 20, President Biden issued an executive order (EO) that rescinds many executive orders issued under the Trump Administration aimed at streamlining federal regulation. Among those rescinded are the EO that required federal agencies eliminate... Read More
January 21, 2021
Pres. Biden has revoked Pres. Trump’s controversial executive order on diversity and inclusion training.  The order, Executive Order 13950, placed restrictions on the content that federal contractors, grantees, and agencies, as well as the military, could cover in employee training.  AGC and other... Read More
January 21, 2021
On January 15, 2021, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) voted to approve revisions to EEOC’s Compliance Manual Section on Religious Discrimination.  The Commission had not updated the Compliance Manual since 2008.  Some noteworthy issues addressed in the Compliance Manual include... Read More
January 21, 2021
On December 15, 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) issued All Agency Memorandum (AAM) 235 rescinding AAM 212 and once again confirming that surveying work is not covered by the Davis-Bacon Act. At this time, it is unclear how the new Biden administration DOL... Read More
January 21, 2021
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has issued new guidance in its ongoing efforts to support the American workforce through the pandemic recovery. As employers continue to meet the challenges presented to their businesses by the coronavirus, and as telework arrangements and... Read More
January 21, 2021
Vulnerable to Rollback in New Administration AGC continues to track and comment on several environmental regulatory actions relevant to construction that the Trump Administration advances in the final days of the term, including those impacting species and Clean Water Act (CWA) permitting. Several... Read More
January 14, 2021
Previously Delayed Due to Covid-19 Public Health Emergency   After delaying the opening of the 2019 EEO-1 Component 1 Data Collections on May 8, 2020 in light of the COVID-19 public health emergency, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced that the collections will... Read More
January 12, 2021
                Few Construction Firms Expect the Industry to Recover to Pre-Pandemic Levels Anytime Soon, While Demand for Most Types of Projects is Likely to Fall amid Growing Project Delays and Cancellations Construction employment increased by 51,000 jobs in December, with gains for... Read More
January 8, 2021
AGC-Backed Bill Passes House On January 5, the AGC-backed bill, H.R.26 - Construction Consensus Procurement Improvement Act of 2021, which would severely limit federal agencies from procuring construction services through reverse auctions passed the House of Representatives. AGC expects the Senate... Read More
January 7, 2021
The U.S. Department of Labor announced a final rule clarifying the standard for employee versus independent contractor status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The rule takes effect 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, on March 8, 2021, however, AGC expects the incoming Biden... Read More
January 7, 2021


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