Lansing, Michigan-based Christman Constructors Named The Most Innovative Company In The Construction Industry

March 31, 2020

Firm Wins AGC Innovation Award for Developing an iOS-based Application that Brings Job Placement Logistics into the 21st Century While Addressing Industry-Wide Workforce Challenge

WASHINGTON – Lansing, Michigan-based Christman Constructors was named the most innovative construction firm in the country for developing an iOS-based application that brings job-placement logistics into the 21st century. The new application, CopperWorks, was created to meet the need to modernize manpower management in the building trades industry while addressing industry-wide workforce shortage. As a result, Christman Constructors was named as the grand prize winner of the AGC Innovation Awards, sponsored by Autodesk.

“These awards recognize firms that have figured out the best way to work smarter so they can build better,” said Dirk Elsperman, the association’s president and executive vice president and chief operating officer of Tarlton Corp. in St. Louis, Mo.  “These firms have demonstrated outstanding ingenuity to overcome challenges and deliver top-notch results.”

Christman’s software identifies and directly contacts an individual or thousands of available skilled trades professionals in a designated region or state with just the tap of a finger. The system integrates tradespeople and job locations into a state-of-the-art interactive map. You can even filter searches by trade. Employers can proactively target and supply manpower to projects – all via delivery of automated SMS text messages. When pursuing projects, CopperWorks can identify and instantly inform all skilled trades workers within a specific project area who live closest to the job site.

In addition to Christman Constructors, Phoenix-based Sundt Construction was awarded the second-place prize for creating Slab Former, which uses computer mapping technology to build pre-formed concrete slabs, saving contractors time, labor and money. Chicago-based Pepper Construction received the third-place prize for building the net zero trailer, a more comfortable and efficient space for designed to inspire the industry to operate more efficiently. 

The association presented Christman Constructors with a $7,000 grand prize during its annual convention earlier this month in Las Vegas. Elsperman noted that the association created the AGC Innovation Awards to inspire members of the construction industry to craft innovative solutions to pressing industry challenges. Elsperman added that the Innovation Award showcases free thinkers within the construction industry to provide solutions to construction challenges we face.

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