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AGC Transportation Infrastructure Funding Guide Assists in State Initiatives

October 4, 2016

AGC chapters have been successful in promoting state transportation funding initiatives over the past several years. Success at State Level – Since 2013 – includes a mix of revenue options:

  • Gas Tax Increases – 11 states
  • Sales tax – 5 states
  • Wholesale Tax – 4 states
  • Index Gas Tax – 2 states
  • Local Option Sales Tax
  • Registration Fees – 4 States
  • Mileage Based User Fee Pilots – 7 states

AASHTO maintains an up-to-date chronicle of current funding proposals, what the initiative includes and where it is in the state’s legislative process. The information can be very helpful to chapters looking for examples of how other states are addressing transportation infrastructure funding needs. The information can be accessed here. AGC has linked to this information on the Highway and Transportation section of so that chapters can have the most up to date information about state initiatives and also to look for ideas about how other states have successfully addressed transportation funding.

In addition to assist chapters as they work to advocate for needed increases in transportation infrastructure funding, AGC has developed a “Transportation Infrastructure Funding Guide.” This guide contains tips and suggestions for how to wage a successful transportation infrastructure funding campaign.  These tips are based on successful campaigns waged by AGC chapters and AGC of America during the past two years.  This report was presented to attendees at the National & Chapter Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. last week and at the Highway and Transportation Construction Conference on November 3-5, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. As has been the tradition at these meetings the past several years, special sessions are included to allow chapters and members to share tips about what worked and what did not work in their state funding campaigns.  

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