Webinar on Lean Workstructuring: Perspectives from Miron and Boldt

This Thursday, Sept. 20, at 2:00 p.m. EST, leading practitioners of Lean Workstructuring will provide their perspectives on how their organizations use Lean Practices – specifically related to Workstructuring – to improve the delivery of projects. The unique perspectives of the three panelists will provide a depth of understanding how these practices can be applied to other organizations. Workstructuring seeks to eliminate waste on the jobsite or in offices by improving productivity through the elimination (or at least reduction) of workers waiting on work or work waiting on workers.  Enhanced coordination between trades (on the jobsite) or between the various parties constructing the project is the goal. Techniques discussed will include Pull Planning and the Last Planner® System. Participants will learn the value of Pull versus Push planning. Register Today! For more information contact Mike Stark at