AGC Carries Water Infrastructure Message to White House

October 2, 2011
This week, AGC met with staff from the National Economic Council, which is primarily responsible for taking ideas and initiatives and translating them into policy for the administration. The primary focus of the meeting was the proposed National Clean Water Trust Fund (CWTF) and the potential role it could play in the administration’s upcoming policy for the Join Select Deficit Reduction Committee’s work to reduce the deficit. By creating a long-term budget-neutral mechanism to fund water infrastructure, the CWTF acts as a deficit reduction measure. Other potential future roles for the Trust Fund to play in administration policy include the president’s annual budget, which sets the marker for funding the EPA’s State Revolving Loan Funds. AGC will continue to champion the Trust Fund both in Congress and to the administration to ensure the best chance for its creation. For more information, please contact Scott Berry at (703) 837-5321 or
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