Free ConsensusDOCS Educational Session Assistance

May 12, 2011
Complete Samples, Speakers, Booths, Folders and More Do you have a conference, workshop or other type of educational learning event for which you need complete contract document samples?  ConsensusDOCS can help!  Not only does ConsensusDOCS provide free educational use samples of its entire catalog of 90+ standard contract documents, but we can also help you locate speakers for your event.  We also have ConsensusDOCS booths, literature and pens available for you to promote ConsensusDOCS at your next event. Do you educational institution members who would like to use ConsensusDOCS as a learning tool in their classrooms?  ConsensusDOCS can help!  We can provide free access to the documents and/or software to assist our future constructors. To acquire a free, educational copyright license to use ConsensusDOCS contract documents, all you have to do is fill out the Application for Copyright License. For additional information on ConsensusDOCS’ Educational Programs, please contact Carrie Ciliberto at (703) 837-5367 or
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