Is Your Firm Ready for BIM?

September 30, 2009
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an emerging technology that is rapidly gaining acceptance throughout the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, and specialty contractors have been at the forefront. AGC's BIM Education Program provides individuals with the background they need to implement and use BIM technologies and practices. The first course of this program, BIM 101: An Introduction to Building Information Modeling, was released in April 2009 and provides participants a broad overview of BIM and introduces the important concepts that will be necessary for the advanced courses and BIM adoption. The Participant's Manual and Instructor's Guide for this course can be purchased through the AGC Bookstore and classes are currently scheduled at many AGC Chapters. The second course in this program, Unit 2: BIM Technology, will be released in late 2009 and will provide participants with a broad understanding of all available BIM tools and how they work together on a project. Registration is now open for two field tests, the first at the AGC of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., on September 24 and October 13 (register and learn more here), and the second in conjunction with the Fall BIMForum meeting on October 7 in Philadelphia, Pa. (register and learn more here). Many AGC Chapters are also scheduling courses for Winter 2010. In 2010, further courses will be developed to: examine the legal and risk management issues that are important when utilizing BIM on a project; study the work-flow process on BIM projects; take an in-depth look at case studies; and study emerging trends in BIM. Additional information can be found at or by emailing
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