Oppose the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)

April 30, 2009
“Card Check” Would Impact Specialty Contractors – Be Informed! On March 10, the "so-called" Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) was introduced in both the House and the Senate.  EFCA would take away a worker's right to a federally supervised private ballot election when deciding whether or not to select union representation.  AGC supports the status quo, which allows both card-check recognition and secret-ballot elections to establish union representation and remains the most fair and reliable way to determine the desire of employees to be represented by a union.  EFCA imposes unrealistically short deadlines for labor-management negotiations over a first contract before mandating third-party interference.  It allows a third party to dictate wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment.  For more about EFCA, visit AGC's EFCA webpage.  Click here to contact your Representative and Senators regarding this important issue!
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