AGC Comments and Requests Public Hearings on Proposed Crane and Derricks Standard

AGC submitted public comments January 22 to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and also requested that public hearings be held nationwide on the proposed Crane and Derricks in Construction standard. OSHA is tentatively scheduling public hearings for mid-March 2009 and the locations are yet to be determined. Crane operator qualification and certification is still AGC’s primary concern with the proposal.  AGC also commented on several other areas for clarification, such as the scope, definitions, fall protection, inspections and assembly/disassembly requirements.  AGC’s comments were derived from conference calls with members and chapters who reviewed and commented on the proposal. For more information on the history of the Crane and Derricks in Construction proposed rule and AGC’s comments during the C-DAC process or the SBREFA panel, click here. Also, visit AGC Advocacy to review regulations and comments submitted by AGC on Safety and Health regulations throughout the year. For more information, contact Michele Myers at (703) 837-5410 or . Previous AGC Safety and Health Newsletter articles related to the same topic: