House Democratic Leaders Propose Infrastructure Stimulus

October 16, 2008
As reported Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) convened a forum with economic experts to discuss an economic recovery plan for the nation.  She announced that she would be calling on the appropriate committee chairmen to conduct hearings on various portions of an economic recovery package in the upcoming weeks.  AGC has been working with Congressional leaders, Federal agency officials and state and local organizations to determine the current needs for infrastructure investment that would be included in a comprehensive stimulus package. Such legislation will be an uphill battle for us this year. One stimulus measure failed a procedural vote in the Senate earlier this month, and the odds are stacked against another large package passing this year in the Senate, as it is unlikely that Senate Republicans will change their minds. Finally, President Bush has said he would veto a large stimulus package should it include funds for unemployment benefits and infrastructure investment.  AGC will continue to work with Congressional leaders and the White House to make the case that additional investment in infrastructure provides tangible and ongoing stimulus for the economy.  For more information, please contact Jeff Shoaf at (202) 547-3350 or
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