GOP Ticket Still Trails in the Polls

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) will formally accept his party’s nomination this evening. Senator McCain captured the attention of the media following the Democratic Party Convention with his Vice Presidential pick of Governor Sarah Palin (R-Alaska), but has yet to turn it into gains in polls. Gallup Daily tracking polls show that the Obama/Biden ticket entered the week of August 24 tied with Senator McCain at 45%. By the end of the week Obama/Biden had picked up 4 points while McCain had dropped 3, expanding the margin to 49% from 42%, the widest margin this daily tracking poll has shown since the beginning of August.  However, this polling does not yet reflect the full impact of the GOP convention. The polling also shows that both McCain and Obama have increased their number of committed voters, and according to the most recent polling, swing voters now represent 21%, down from 30% since last week. For more information, contact Elisa Brewer at (202) 547-5013 or