Webinar: Balancing Administrative Burden and Talent Development: Best Practices and ROI for HR Team

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In today’s competitive landscape, the demand for construction services has only increased, yet there is a shrinking pool of talent to support it. HR teams are expected to address this daunting challenge but are all too often getting bogged down with administrative aspects of the role. This leaves little time to address the underlying goal – hiring, engaging, and developing a strong workforce.

Arcoro, an AGC Capstone Supporter and Discount Program member for over 10 years, provides HR software to automate processes and increase productivity so you can focus less on the tedious day-to-day tasks and more on the big-picture strategy.

Join the webinar to learn how to justify the investment in HR software to leadership from fellow AGC members. This is especially valuable for HR teams that are small but mighty.

The discussion will include:

  • How an applicant tracking and onboarding system built for construction can directly pay for itself
  • How employee self-service can help you eliminate paper, time, and data entry errors
  • Why prioritizing training and talent development is integral to maintaining a healthy workforce

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Carrie Gardenhire
Director of Association Partnerships

Carrie has spent over 25 years helping companies develop sustainable strategies, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs across many industries, including construction, software, nonprofit, media publications, and educational products. Developing ways to improve both business outcomes and employee success has been paramount throughout Carrie’s career as an operations leader, digital marketer, and project manager. Today, she focuses on partnerships with key construction associations to align technology solutions with the needs of an evolving construction marketplace.

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