Industry Priorities

K-12 Recruiting

At AGC we firmly believe in the value of reaching out to future workers long before they're seriously thinking about career choices. We want to show them the exciting world of construction before we are discarded as a career choice.

Charter Schools

Several AGC Chapters across the nation have worked to create and support a construction charter school to better prepare high school students to enter the industry. These schools have reduced dropout rates, improved test scores among students, and are well-regarded nationally.

Construction Career Academies

Construction career academies have a proven record of increasing attendance and graduation rates among at-risk students, while preparing students for a future in the construction industry. Several AGC Chapters across the nation support a local construction career academy.

ACE Mentor Program

ACE Mentor ProgramThe ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc. (ACE) helps mentor high school students and encourages them to pursue careers in the design and construction industries. AGC of America is a national supporter of this program.

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