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Phyllis Harden

Legislative & Special Projects, Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel
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Industry Priorities

Transit Infrastructure

Support Increased Transit Infrastructure to Alleviate Congestion and Provide Increased Mobility Through Additional Funding Sources


  • With increased population, growing road congestion, and increased energy costs, many urban areas will rely more than ever on transit to supplement mobility. The Highway Trust Fund includes a transit account that is credited with 20 percent of the revenue collected from highway users. These funds are not sufficient to meet transit capital needs.

AGC Message:

  • Meet Growing Transit Needs. As highway and bridge needs continue to grow, supplemental revenue sources for transit capital improvement must be found.
  • Use Ticket User Fee for Capital Improvements. A transit ticket user fee should be implemented to invest in future transit capital improvements.
  • Maintain User Fee Allocation for Highway and Transit Accounts. The traditional 80/20 split between highway and transit accounts should be maintained for highway user fees collected.
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