Industry Priorities

Freight Movement

Enhance Freight Movement with Targeted Improvements to Commerce Bottlenecks, Including Intermodal Connections and Projects of National and Regional Significance.


  • Some of the largest problems facing the U.S. transportation system lie at the connections between modes.  These connections need to be seamless in order to maximize the efficiencies of the global supply chain. Intermodal connectors are the transportation facilities—roads, railroads, interchanges—that lead to major trade terminals. Although they account for less than 1 percent of national highway system mileage, intermodal connectors are key conduits for the timely and reliable delivery of goods.

AGC Message:

  • Improve the Efficiency of Transportation by Enhancing Funding for Intermodal Connectors. Port, truck, and railroad intermodal connections should be eligible for funding from the Highway Trust Fund, but only if additional revenue sources directly related to these projects are enacted. Fees such as container fees, point of entry fees, intermodal transfer fees, and other similar user fees should be used as revenue sources.
  • The Federal Role in the Nation’s Transportation System Should Be to Ensure the Efficient Movement of Freight to Enable and Promote Interstate Commerce. Capacity at our nation’s freight gateways—ports, rivers, airports, rail facilities, and border crossings—is struggling to meet the needs of our growing economy. Seamless integration of these systems to facilitate the movement of freight among modes will help ensure our economic prosperity.