94% of attendees leave AGC's Advanced Management Program highly satisfied with the course.

What AMP Graduates Are Saying:

  • I had no expectations upon arrival, however, I was challenged by the presentations and I expect to implement some changes that I learned at the AMP.
  • Excellent. Notes that I made during the course will be shared with our organization when I get back.
  • Most of the instructors were very interesting and extremely knowledgeable.
  • Liked the interaction between class and instructors.
  • The instructors were all excellent.
  • All of the company examples showing their best practices were great.
  • Instructors were knowledgeable on the subjects.
  • All instructors were knowledgeable.
  • Group interaction was a key to retention.
  • I felt all instructors were brilliant. They kept us engaged.
  • Excellent instructors. Excellent classes. Thanks.
  • This workshop was helpful in finding new ideas and new methods for dealing with some of the age-old problems.
  • Good group, very interactive.
  • Plan to immediately implement the fitness program as well as getting involved with the craftsman.
  • I liked the format.
  • Overall it was a valuable experience and it was about the right length for content, any longer would've been difficult.
  • Well worth my time!
  • It was better than I expected.
  • I will strongly recommend my coworkers attend this course.
  • Well done, AGC.