Starting a Student Chapter

AGC Requirements for Student Chapter Formation

In order for a group of students to qualify as an AGC student chapter, the following information must be submitted to Paige Packard at 

  • Program must be a 2 or 4 year ABET or ACCE-accredited construction management or construction related engineering programs.
  • The names of a minimum of 15 students enrolled in a construction degree program
  • A copy of the student chapter constitution and bylaws document
  • Secure a sponsor letter from a local AGC chapter
  • Provide the name of the resident faculty advisor
  • Establish permanent mailing and email address for the student chapter

Upon receipt and review of the above, national AGC will advise the sponsoring AGC chapter of its decision relative to certification of the student organization. If the requirements have been met, national AGC shall forward to the sponsoring AGC chapter:

  • A Student Chapter Charter signed by the AGC CEO and AGC chapter
  • Student Chapter Tee-shirts (pending availability)

Guidelines for Preparing a Student Chapter Constitution

AGC student chapters are required to prepare a Constitution and Bylaws document by which to govern itself. Suggestions are made for the purpose of drafting the document(s), and prospective AGC student chapters may add or delete such sections as they deem necessary. Each AGC student chapter is a unique entity and this same quality may be expressed in the chapter's governing document(s).

  1. Statement of Purpose

    • A general statement of the overall purpose of the student chapter
    • Outline the goals of the organization with respect to the professional development
    • Cooperation with school officials, representatives of the local AGC chapter sponsor
  2. Name of Organization

    • State the title by which the chapter will be recognized
  3. Bylaws

    • Qualifications for individual student chapter membership
    • Rights and responsibilities of each member including voting rights
    • Procedures to be followed in revoking membership privileges
  4. Finances

    • Outline the cost of individual membership dues and other fees
    • Collection procedures
    • Consequences of delinquency
    • Procedures for spending funds
  5. Chapter Officers

    • Outline the duties and responsibilities of each elected chapter officer
    • Election procedures and the process for removing an elected official from office
    • Chapter Officers - a president, vice-president, secretary, and a treasurer
    • Duties and responsibilities of chapter committees and committee chairs
    • Procedures for appointing committee chairs
  6. Faculty Advisor

    • Outline the duties and responsibilities of the faculty advisor
    • Establish length of term to be served
    • Procedures for selecting a new advisor
    • Define local AGC chapters involvement
  7. Chapter Administration

    • Determine regularly scheduled chapter meetings
    • Include pertinent information to ensure the efficient functioning of the student chapter
  8. Amendments

    • Establish procedures to make amendments to the Constitution/Bylaws

Sample AGC Student Chapter Constitution and Bylaws

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