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Every month the Business Development Forum reaches out to small business owners, marketing directors, and public relations specialists to gather valuable insight into the rapidly growing construction industry.

If you're looking to create marketing proposals, build relationships with customers, and increase sales, our Best Practices article series can help.

BD Best Practices

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  • March 2021
    Matt Chardavoyne, Managing Director of Business Development, Columbia Construction

    The ability to establish and then nurture connections is a valuable skill that makes for a happy and well-rounded life — and a happy and secure company! And all the market research in the world – while quite valuable — can’t match the power of genuine human chemistry. As a managing director of business development at Columbia, I focus every day on our relationships with prospective and existing clients. But helping to identify and develop new ones and strengthening those that already exist isn’t something a successful business development manager does alone: in fact, business development and retainment is much more successful when your entire team is empowered to contribute.

    Tags: Business Development, Client Relationship, Communication & Collaboration, Culture & Personnel, Networking
  • February 2021
    Mauricio Henderson, CEO, Perseverance

    Everyone knows the key to successful business development efforts is relationships with a capital “R”.  However, 2020 threw a wrench into maintaining those relationships both personally and professionally. 

    As we step into 2021, most of us are ready to accept this "new normal" that includes telecommuting as a part of daily life while juggling the usual demands of work and maintaining relationships. Of course, we are looking forward to the day we can be together again and travel more freely to make contacts, but in the interest of innovation and adaptation, we should focus on the silver linings and the upsides to dealing electronically. Maintaining strong business relationships are as important as ever, and in many ways more so now, as we don’t want to become “out of sight, out of mind” with our customers.

    Tags: Business Development, Client Relationship, Communication & Collaboration, Digital & Social Media, Marketing & Branding
  • January 2021
    Johnny Savage, DBR General Engineering

    My grandfather was a brick mason. If he met you on a jobsite, you would be greeted with a handshake from deeply calloused hands and a smile that would not betray the amount of work he was about to put in. He was a “Good Old Boy” and ran his own company while working in the field. He knew how to do things right, and he lived off a reputation that would earn him credibility with complete strangers. People learned his name, his quality of work, saw his logo on his truck, and eventually called him up to quote work or even gave him a no competition award as a subcontractor. The trust he earned with owners and GCs and the friends he made, spread the word to second degree connections who trusted these contacts.

    Tags: Business Development, Communication & Collaboration, Digital & Social Media, Marketing & Branding, Networking


  • December 2020
    Jolsna Thomas, Esq., Business Development Manager, Rosendin

    Since the pandemic struck in March, construction teams have had to pivot from in-person project interviews for new work to the virtual environment. As this is new to everyone, I developed the cheat sheet for my Texas teams at Rosendin to help in our preparation to get in the correct head space for the new virtual environment. It is intended to provide comic relief but serve as reminders to everyone involved what what to do and what not to do. Hope these tricks help your teams succeed in the new normal for project interviewing.

    Tags: Business Development, Client Interview & Presentation, Client Relationship, Communication & Collaboration, Networking, Procurement & Pricing
  • November 2020
    Danielle Feroleto, MA, CPSM, President, Small Giants

    Theodore Roosevelt is famously quoted as saying: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." This could possibly be more applicable today than when he originally said it. I love the quote because it removes any excuses or hurdles from the conversation and forces you into action.

    Tags: Business Development, Client Relationship, Communication & Collaboration, Networking
  • October 2020
    Jacqueline Falla, Elaine Construction

    It’s time we turned your whisper into a roar or whatever form of making yourself known feels authentic to you.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg had the softest, gentlest of voices.  She was parsimonious with her speech, but boy when she parted her lips to express a belief, she made a point, and her points had points.  The sharp barb of truth, the insightful pinning down of the injustice, the prick of wisdom that leaves an incessant reminder of the conversation, returning to you in throbbing pulses throughout the day, that was Ruth’s way.

    Tags: Business Development, Client Relationship, Communication & Collaboration, Networking
  • July 2020
    Hal Routh, Equalizer9

    We all know it’s our business’ life blood, but sometimes it’s so challenging to differentiate ourselves from the competition. This challenge is never more evident than when we are called upon to make a presentation. So, it’s our team vs 4 other teams in a 45-minute winner take all showdown. What do we say? How do we look unique and creative? How do we prepare? How do we get our message to resonate? Do we even have a message that is any different from all the others? For many, this is a stressful time. But for a few, it’s when they shine.

    Tags: Client Interview & Presentation, Procurement & Pricing
  • June 2020
    Elena Lelchuk, Autodesk

    Digital transformation. Disruption. Innovation. As a professional in the A/E/C industries, you know these buzzwords all too well. Project teams are accustomed to adapting, testing new solutions on their project sites, and reaping the benefits of quicker workflows and access to data in real time. But what does it mean for marketers?

    Tags: Markets & Trends, Technology & Processes
  • May 2020
    Todd Zdunkewicz, Linbeck Group, LLC

    In the business world we live in today, there is no such thing as a single person, process or strategy that sets a company apart from the competition. Evaluation of your services has become more complex and the ability to market yourself and grow during this unusual time due to COVID-19 can make you feel over-extended no matter if you are small, mid-sized or large.

    Tags: Business Development, Marketing & Branding, Proposals
  • March 2020
    Lisa Frisbie, AGC of Massachusetts

    If you are like the thousands of BD folks in the A/E/C industry right now, you are struggling to find ways to stay relevant and connected to your clients and project management teams. Depending on the state you live in and the day of week, your situation varies.

    Tags: Business Development, Client Relationship, Communication & Collaboration, Markets & Trends
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