Public/Private Industry Advisory Committee

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America established the Private Industry Advisory Committee (PIAC) in October 1993 to provide a direct line of communication between selected representatives of private industry responsible for the design and construction of facilities and AGC. The PIAC changed its name to the Public/Private Industry Advisory Committee (PIAC, previously also known as the Public/Private Industry Advisory Council) in 2007 to reflect the inclusion of public owner members.

The PIAC is comprised of representatives from major U.S. commercial and manufacturing firms, public owners, contractors, and designers. The PIAC Steering Committee is comprised of eleven members of the AGC leadership. All Contractor, Owner, and Designer members are appointed by the PIAC Chair in consultation with AGC staff. Recommendations of potential new PIAC members are welcome.


The PIAC was established to provide a direct line of communication between private and public owners and the AGC of America. The primary mission of the PIAC is to promote dialogue with private and public owners involved in facility construction on issues including owner needs, market trends, industry best practices, and legislation. Through the PIAC, AGC's goal is to foster a construction industry that is more responsive to owners' needs.

The PIAC's goals are to:

  • Provide a forum to discuss the changing needs of owners.
  • Review current trends such as the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Building Information Modeling (BIM), lean construction, craft worker and personnel availability.
  • Review the latest in technology and methods for its implementation.
  • Provide a forum to review current legislation, regulations, codes, and enforcement actions that may affect the industry and have long-term implications on owners.
  • Provide a means to review current contracting practices and to encourage discussions on improving the construction process.
  • Provide a means of sharing information on workforce development, safety, OSHA compliance and environmental issues.


The PIAC meets twice annually. The meetings include presentations on current issues by industry experts, as well as significant time for roundtable discussion. Topics include: economic forecasting & market trends, project delivery, productivity, contract documents, BIM, green building & sustainability, lean construction, workforce training & retention, and safety.